Courses and Sections Application

The Courses and Sections Application stores and displays a great deal of information about courses and sections.

Course Information

The application has information about every course offered for every subject code in the college. This information is identical to what is in the University Catalog.

Because it reflects the official information, units cannot change the information that is displayed about courses. The college will update this information once a year in the spring, once the official online catalog has been published.

Section Information

One of the features of CHSSWeb is that it enables us to combine information about sections offered each semester from multiple sources. This is the only place that students can find all this information in one place.

Section Information from PatriotWeb

The application displays information about every section offered by semester. It includes most of what is stored in PatriotWeb: section number, room, time, instructor.

This information comes into CHSSWeb with a automatic feed from PatriotWeb. It is updated nightly. The websites  reflect any changes in time, room, instructor. If a department adds or cancels a section, the change will be reflected on the website the next day.

Because this is official information that is automatically updated from PatriotWeb, units do not have access to change this information.

Section Information Added by the Department or Program

Information in the Courses and Sections Application from PatriotWeb can be supplemented with information that is not stored in PatriotWeb.

  • Full title
  • Section-specific description
  • Syllabus

This is information that units have complete control over. Editors on unit websites can add or edit this information. See "Editing Section Information" to the right.

Instructor Information from from CHSSWeb

The Course and Section Application is linked to the People Application. The page for each course Section links to the page for the Instructor and vise versa.

The section page and the instructor's bio page both list the other sections that the faculty member will be teaching in the most relevant upcoming semester.