Resource Application

The Resource Application consists of individual resources and resource groups. You add individual resources to your website. You put resources into groups. You put resource groups on webpages.

Individual resources and resource groups can be shared across all sites in CHSSWeb2. You can take advantage of any resources or resource groups that have been created by other web editors for their websites. The Resource App allows you to add them to your own website.

In addition, many individual resources and resource groups are used by many websites across CHSSWeb2. For instance, most sites will want a link to the Registrar's Website or the Online Application for Admission (external links). These have been added to the system already. You don't need to add them to your site separately, but you can find them on the Shared site and add them to your site from there. The biggest advantage of doing things this way is that if the links or their names change over time, they will be updated automatically on your website.

As you work with the Resource App, follow this 4-step process. The steps for doing each of these are described on the pages of this section of CHSSWeb2.

  1. Add the individual resources to your site.
  2. Create a resource group.
  3. Add individual resources to the group.
  4. Add the resource groups to the pages where you want them to appear.