Defenses Application

In CHSSWeb, all dissertation defenses for all doctoral candidates in the college are entered, stored, and displayed through the Defenses Application. 

On all websites, the application has the URL /defenses. For instance:

  • All economic defenses:
  • All history defenses:
  • All psychology defenses:
  • All defenses in the college:

List Page for the Defenses Application

All the dissertation defenses for a doctoral program can be viewed on the defenses "list page". The display of defenses has upcoming defenses at the top followed by past defenses. Once the date of a defense has past, the defense is automatically moved from "Upcoming" to "Past".

The list page presents the following information about each defense:

  • Name of doctoral candidate
  • Degree
  • Title of dissertation
  • Major professor (chair of dissertation committee)
  • Date of defense
  • Link to the show page the defense

Except for the link to the show page, the information on the list page is exactly the information for each doctoral candidate that is printed in the Commencement and Convocation programs each spring.

Show Page for the Defenses Application

Each defense has its own "show page." The show page presents the following information:

  • Title of dissertation
  • Name of doctoral candidate
  • Major professor (chair of dissertation committee)
  • Other committee members
  • Location of defense
  • Date, time of defense
  • Dissertation abstract
  • Share button (allows someone to email page, post on facebook, bookmark, etc.)