Spring and Fall Cleaning

As each semester begins, set aside time to clean up your site. Make a plan for ongoing minor maintenance over the course of the semester. Remember that if something is on your site, it is visible to the public and available in search engines such as Google. If you have incorrect information on your site, people will see it. So make maintenance a habit. Brush your teeth, comb your hair, and keep your site updated.

Check & Plan

  1. Check your faculty and staff listings for accuracy and for missing images and bios. CHSSWeb's import process does not remove people from your site, so faculty and staff who leave will remain on your site until you remove them. New hires are added a few days after their first paycheck, usually about two weeks into the semester.
  2. Review your site titles and your program titles.
  3. If you are using pages to list your faculty rather than relying on CHSSWeb's "/people" URLs, you will need to update those pages as well.
  4. Do your faculty know they can update their course sections and add syllabi? Send them a reminder.
  5. Add upcoming events.
  6. Think about how you want to use your site's articles this semester. Come up with a quick list of possible topics for articles.
  7. Review the student and alumni profiles associated with your program pages. Do you have profiles? Do they represent your program well? Consider updating the profiles.
  8. If your site lists graduate student bios, review them for accuracy and for missing images or bio text. Remove any bios for people who are no longer with the program. Un-paid graduate students are not automatically added through the CHSSWeb imports. Notify the CHSSWeb team of any people who are new to the program and need to be added.

Update & Purge

  1. Review the list of editors who have access to your site. Let the CHSSWeb team know if any should be removed. You can find this list on the Dashboard below the Quick Links and Tools section. Click the "Site Editors" heading to view the editors.
  2. Look through your site's content. Update or delete pages as necessary.
  3. Delete content block that are unused (not on a page). If they are not on a page, they are not serving any purpose on your site.
  4. Delete any links or documents which are no longer in use. Keep only those documents which you are actually using on your web site. If you wish to maintain copies of old, unused documents, download those documents and then delete them from the CHSSWeb system. The system sends a list of aging files to the site manager each Spring and Fall to help with this process.
Spring and Fall Cleaning Image