Editing Your Bio

Any faculty member, graduate student or staff member with a valid Mason email account and a bio in the system can log into CHSSWeb and manage their own bio. People who are currently teaching classes can also edit the descriptions of those classes and upload syllabi.

  1. In the browser's address field type in your Website's URL. For example: english.gmu.edu/admin;
  2. Use your Mason email ID and Mason password to log in.
  3. This will take you to the edit page for your bio. The page contains instructions and a link to an example bio.
  4. Change your bio by filling in or editing the various form fields.
  5. Click "Save" to save your changes.

Self-Update Bio Form Screenshot

If you have classes assigned to you for the current semester or an upcoming semester, you will see those classes under the "Classes" heading near the bottom of the form. You can edit the title, add a description, upload a syllabus, and upload a promotional image. The images below shows you an example of that portion of the form.

Editing a class on the self-edit bio form


Here is how that course section would appear to the public.

A fully-populated show page for a class