Reordering Pages and Sections

The ordering of pages within a section is a convenience for the people updating the site. It is not relevant to people viewing the website, with an important caveat below. You can reorder the pages for your convenience.

The one place where the order of pages in a section matters is this: If someone types just the URL of the section, the default page is the first page in the section. So if you type …/undergraduate in the URL, you’ll get the first page in the "Undergraduate" section -- the page "For Undergraduates".

How to Reorder Pages within a Section

From the Dashboard:

  1. Click on "Pages" in the left navigation.
  2. Double click on a section to see all the pages in the section.
  3. Click and drag the page you want to move. The page bar will change color and, as you move it, a small purple bar appears in potential new positions.
  4. Drop the page in the position you want it. Wait for a confirmation message that the page was moved.
  5. Save.

Follow this same process to move pages in and out of sections and to reorder sections.