Programs and Profiles

Programs and Profiles

The Program pages on CHSSWeb sites are designed to provide potential students with convenient, enticing, self-contained brochures describing our programs. By default, programs contain only basic catalog information, which is updated each year when the new catalog is published. Editors who have access to the program's home site can add promotional information, student and alumni profiles, and much more to the program.

To display program information, CHSSWeb uses data from three of its applications: Programs, Profiles, and Titles.

The Programs Application holds and displays information about each of the academic programs offered by the college. Academic programs include degrees, concentrations, minors, and certificates.

The Profiles Application holds and displays profiles of students and alumni. These profiles can be associated with one or more programs as students or alumni.

The Titles Application associates individual faculty and staff bios with programs as Directors, Primary Contacts, etc. These associations are then used by the system to display directors in places such as the contact views of the program pages on the CHSS site.

Catalog Content Policy

Do not recreate catalog content on your site by adding it into text areas. We import course and section information from the catalog and present it in structured, connected ways across multiple sites so that our most important, official information is always accurate and up to date.

If you feel you need to retype or copy and paste course or program information, please contact the CHSSWeb team and let us work with you to meet your goals.