Student and Alumni Profiles

The pages for academic programs can display profiles for students and for alums. Profiles can be viewed from tabs "Meet a Student" and "Meet an Alum" on the top tab section of each program page. Those tabs go to the Profiles List pages, which all the relevant active profiles in the system that are marked to appear with the selected program.

These pages are not designed to contain complete lists of your students. Instead, you should show 3-5 students and 3-5 alumni whose work best represents your program. If you wish to display complete lists of students, we suggest you use this approach, which will allow students to edit their own bios. This new functionality replaces the current_students template.

See top tabs to add or edit a profile.

Profiles List Page

If there are active, published profiles. they will appear on a Profiles List Page. The profiles appear in alphabetical order.

On the List Page, there is a brief entry for each student or alum profiled. The entry includes:

  • Name
  • Graduation year
  • Up to three bullets highlighting the student or alum's accomplishments
  • Photo
  • Link to Profile Show Page or off-site webpage

Above the list of profiles, the Student Profiles List Page displays the Opportunities text from the academic program. The Alum Profiles List page shows the Careers text.

The texts for Opportunities and Careers are edited through the Programs Application and not the Profiles Application.

Examples of List Pages:

Profile Show Page

Each profile can have an optional Show Page. The Show Page provides a fuller bio of the student or alum with optional links to things like the degree program, internship sites, organizations affiliated with, awards won, or even a personal homepage.

Fields on the Profiles Show Page

  • Name
  • Graduation year
  • Bullets repeated from List Page
  • Full story (body content)
  • Drop quote and by line for quote
  • Additional links (for more information)
  • Share box (for sharing on email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Photo

The first four fields are required; the last four, optional.

Examples of Show Pages:

English student:

Psychology student: