CHSSWeb supports tagging of some content types, including courses, course sections, and programs. Tagging integrates with the full-text site search to allow us to show site visitors a selection of related content without requiring editors to manually associate each piece of content or manage pages of links that can be out of date.

The system currently uses tagging to allow visitors viewing a course section to see a list of other content related to that tag. For instance, this Fall 2015 section of Philosophy 151 is tagged with aesthetics. Clicking that tag takes the visitor to a search results page which lists other content which is also related to aesthetics. This includes both content which is tagged with "aesthetics" and content which includes that word.

Tagging Advice

Don't be too general. Tagging all Religious Studies courses with "religion" will result in a tag cloud that has too many items and is useless to visitors.

Don't be too specific. If your course, section or program is the only item with a particular tag, or if there are only a few items, the tag cloud page will not be very helpful to visitors.

Don't tag for requirements. Please do not use the tags to mark courses and sections as fulfilling particular requirements. 

Tagging a course affects all sections. If all sections of a course are related to aesthetics, tag the course. You do not need to also tag the sections. If you find yourself tagging all sections of a course, you are creating extra work for yourself.

Talk to other editors. If you add a new tag and you think it should be added to content you do not control, contact the editors of the sites that control that content.

Ask for help if you need it. The CHSSWeb team and the user group participants are always glad to work with you.