Awards Application

An awards landing page
An awards landing page

In CHSSWeb, information about awards, scholarships, and fellowships and their recipients is entered, stored, and displayed through the Awards Application. The application is set up to display all the award recipients for an academic year on an annual "List Page". The Awards Application also displays all the information about a particular award and all the recipients of that award on a "Show Page" for the award.

Use the List Page to recognize the recipients of your awards each year. Use the Show Page to describe the award in more detail, give more detail about the selection criteria, or to provide more information about the donor (where relevant and appropriate).  

 On all websites, the annual List Page for awards for the current year has the URL /awards. For instance:

Annual List Page for Awards

The annual List Page for awards shows all the awards and award recipients for a particular year. In the list, awards for graduate students are first, followed by awards for undergraduate students.

The List Page for each academic year presents the following information about each award:

  • Name of the award
  • A short (one-sentence) description of the award (optional)
  • The award recipients for the relevant academic year in alphabetical order
  • A link to the Show Page for the award

Award Show Page

Show Page for Awards

Each award has its own Show Page. The Show Page displays the following information:

  • Name of the award
  • Long description of the award (optional)
  • An image (optional)
  • All recipients of the award for the current year
  • Navigation to other years the award was given
  • Additional information (optional) (This information appears in the right sidebar.)

If there is a short description but no long description for an award, the short description appears on the Show Page.

Review your Annual List Pages and Award Show Pages

Before editing awards or adding awardees, we encourage you to review your List Pages for the past years and the Show Pages for each of your awards. The more familiar you are with how the pages work and the information they display, the easier it will be for you to edit them.