Performance Level Score


How the Performance Scores Work
1 Originating Featured Article Currency 100% minus the number of days since most recent article created on the site and featured to the home page (no lower than zero) 
2 Featured Article Currency The same as #1, but for any article featured to the home page. If the most recent article was created on the site, this score will be the same as #1.
3 People With Bios The percentage of published people with bios.
4 People With Photos  The same but for people with photos.
5 Broken links A count of the broken links detected on the site. This is not updated in real time.


To calculate the score, we average the scores for one through four, then subtract the broken link count.

We put the scoring system in place to help you identify weak spots in your sites so that you can improve them. We recognize that these scores do not measure quality and that we could have chosen other scores to include in the system.

We also recognize that it is possible to game the system. You can change the publication dates on your old articles, for instance, to bump up your article currency scores. Or you can add new default images for faculty for whom you have no images. If you find yourself doing these things, you might pause to ask why these scores are so important to you that you would undermine the quality of your site just to boost your scores.