Embedding or Linking Forms

Departments can embed forms within CHSSWeb pages by creating a custom form outside of CHSSWeb and embedding the code which displays the form. The instructions for embedding most forms are similar to those for embedding a video. See the "Embedding Multimedia" page and the example below. Note that some forms may require you to embed javascript which we cannot accept for safety reasons. If you have trouble embedding a form, please contact the CHSSWeb team.

Some commonly used web form builders are Qualtrics, Google Forms and SurveyMonkey (see links at the bottom of the page). 


The sample form called "CHSSWeb Example Form" was created in Qualtrics. It was added to this page in two ways, as a link, and as an embedded form.

  • Viewers can go to fill in the form by following the link to "CHSSWeb Example".
  • Viewers can fill out a form directly embedded on the page.

To embed a Qualtrics form:

  1. Create and publish your form in Qualtrics. 
  2. From the Qualtrics Distributions menu, obtain the Anonymous Survey Link for your form.
  3. In the CHSSWeb system, find and edit the page, article, event, etc.
  4. Click on the "Insert" tab and select "Media" in the WYSIWYG tool.
  5. In the "Insert/edit media" pop-up box, click the "Embed" tab and paste the qualtrics code into the text box. 

    Embed survey screenshot
  6. Click OK and save change to your page.

Note: You can adjust the height property in the snippet to fit the length of your form. The WYSIWYG tool may not display the form's true width and height. Preview your page in the browser to see a better representation of how your form looks on the site.