Image Dimensions

Each time you upload an image, the system creates multiple copies of those images. Each type of image has a different set of rules determining how many copies the system makes and the dimensions of those images.

Some types of images also include a cropping tool. Once you have uploaded an image, you can use this tool to view your image and select a section of the image that you want to use. The tool restricts you on the shape of the image you can select. When you save your changes, the system will create a new version containing only the part of the image you selected.

For example, when you are editing an article, the thumbnail is a square. If you upload a picture of seven people and a dog, but you only want to display the dog, you can use the cropping tool to select the dog, then save your article. The area you selected--the dog--will now appear as the image's thumbnail.

Type of Image

Image Sizes Available

Width x Height (pixels)




Article Thumbnail
original = 525x535 
cropped = 140x140
x Cropped version appears with listed articles on the news page.
Article Main Image
original = 650 wide or less
medium = 250 wide or less
cropped = 140x140
rotating (theme2016) = 798x369
thumb = 75x75
  Medium version appears on article show pages. "Rotating" version is used in alternate design for "special" articles; this is the image that appears in the marquee box on the home page in the previous design.
Marquee (Slider)
original = at least 2400px wide
x For sites in the latest design, the special article image will need to be this size. 
Faculty Bio Image
original = 400x400
cropped = 150x196
thumb = 115x150
 x The thumb version appears when listing faculty. The cropped version appears on the bio show page.
Page Image/ Image Resource

oversized = 860 wide or less
original = 650 wide or less
large = 400 wide or less
medium = 250 wide or less
thumb = 75 wide