Managing Your Site's Marquee

CHSSWeb websites have the option of displaying featured images - rotating images - that appear in the marquee box on their homepages. The Article Application enables this feature to hold the images and accompanying stories, if any. The homepage images are a "Special" article.

Before You Start

  1. Choose an image of the right dimensions: The image should have a width of 2650 pixels and a height of 1260 pixels. If the image does not have those dimensions, the system will stretch, shrink, or crop it to fit those dimensions. This will result in a lower quality, possibly distorted image.
  2. Consider the color of the image in the context of the other colors on your website.
  3. Decide on a title or phrase for the image. The size of the title shouldn't be too wordy.
  4. Write an accompanying news story if the image is related to a news story.
  5. Or, enter a url in the URL field linking the special article to a page on your site that's related to the article's phrase. 

Adding an Image to the Marquee

From the Dashboard

  1. In the left navigation, click on "Articles".
  2. Located on the right, click the green button "Create New".
  3. In the "Basic Content" window, select the "Kind" and choose "Special".
  4. Add a title to the "Title" field in title case. Keep in mind that the article's title will serve as the image caption in the marquee.
  5. Look below the main content area for the "Attach Main Image" and click the button labeled "choose file".
  6. Select the image you wish to upload.
  7. Change the article to "Published" in the upper-right "Publishing Controls" box.
  8. If the image is not connected to a news story (no main content) check the box "Hide News Section ..." so that you do not want the image and text to appear on your news page. 
  9. Save.
  10. After saving, feature the "Special" article to your site's homepage:
    • Click on the "Connect" button on the right side, and in the "Connect with Sites" window, click the checkbox "Feature".
  11. Review on the homepage.

Linking your Special Article to a Page 

Your Special article image must link somewhere or else it will be a static image. There are two options: Either link the article to an existing page by URL or add a story to the image.

  1. To link the article to an existing page, edit the special article and under the Main Content, you will see a text field titled "URL Link".
  2. Copy the url of the page you want your article linking to;
  3. Paste the url into the "URL Link" text field.
  4. Save. 

Adding a Story to the Image

It is possible to have text to accompany the image. The text might further describe the image or discuss its relevance to your program. It could also be a news story if the image is related to news.

  1. From the Dashboard, find the article to edit.
  2. Scroll down to the Main Content textbox.
  3. Enter the text to accompany the image in this field. If you cut and paste the text, first click on the "Paste from Text" box to strip out unnecessary code.
  4. Save and check. On your homepage, the title of the image should link to the accompanying story which appears on a separate page.

Adding the News Story to the News List Page

If the image is part of a news story, you can have the story appear on your news page along with a few lines.

  1. From the Dashboard, find the article to edit.
  2. Add the short news text in the field "Article excerpt".
  3. Then upload and attach a "Thumbnail Image".
  4. In the "Publishing Controls" window, make sure the box "Hide News Section ..." is not checked.
  5. Save and check. It should now appear on your news list page with the brief text linking to the longer story that accompanies the image.

Changing the Images on the Homepage

The CHSSWeb system holds as many featured Images as you want. The homepage is set to display up to seven images -- the seven with the most recent publication date. The article with the most recent date appears first, as the default.

To vary the images that appear on your homepage, you can manipulate the publication date. The image with the most recent publication date wlll be the default (first) image. Follow these steps to change the publication date of an article.

From the Dashboard

  1. Click on "Articles" in the left navigation. 
  2. Find the article whose publication date you want to change.
  3. On the article's editing page, find the Publication date.
  4. Click anywhere in the date and changed the date or time using the pop up box.
  5. Save.
  6. Check to verify that the marquee images appear in the order you want with your chosen default image appearing first.