The bulletins tool offers a quick way to monitor articles published in the central Mason web repository for articles and to post those articles on your site.

Every hour, the tool checks the RSS feed for the central article repository and records any new articles. It captures the title of the article, the first two paragraphs, the location of the article, and the first image within the article. It also scans the full content of the article for CHSS-related keywords.

Click the bulletin's title to view its article on the main Mason web site.

To add a bulletin to your site, click the "Create Article" link to the right of the bulletin. You will be taken to a CHSSWeb article creation form with these fields pre-populated:

  • Title
  • URL Link
  • Thumbnail (if the bulletin has an image)

To create a simple link to the article:

  1. Write a short article excerpt
  2. Click "Save Changes"
  3. Feature the article to your homepage, if that is your goal

The resulting article will link directly to the bulletin article on the main Mason web site.

You also have all of the options available to you that the CHSSWeb article system provides. For instance, you can add main content to your article to create a show page on your site rather than sending visitors to the main site.

If another CHSSWeb user has already created an article from a bulletin, the tool will display the site connections tool. Click that to add the article to your site.

Where Is the Tool?

The most recent bulletins appear on the dashboard.

Bulletins on the dashboard

At the end of the list you will find a link to the full tool.

Bulletins Tool