Kinds of Articles

Kinds of Articles

CHSSWeb Article Application has three kinds of articles. When adding a new article, an editor chooses one of these from the drop down menu "Kinds" in the Basic Content section.

Long-time users of CHSSWeb may remember that we used to have several kinds of news briefs. Those were replaced by article categorization in July of 2019.

Full (News) Articles

"Full" news articles are for news stories. Full articles:

  • Require a Thumbnail image. The editor can upload a new thumbnail image or the Chssweb default image will appear with the article.
  • Can be "Featured" to appear on the site's homepage.
  • Can have a "Full" story on a separate page for the story.

News Briefs

News briefs provide editors with a way to add news articles quickly without the need for finding an image or writing a story. News briefs:

  • Don't require a thumbnail. If no thumbnail is uploaded, CHSSWeb will display a default image.
  • Appear below featured full articles on the homepage if they are featured.
  • Will appear on the homepage for three months after their publication date.


"Special" articles appear in the marquee slider on the home page. In all other ways, "Special" articles behave just like a "Full" article.