Article Categories

Categories in the Article Navigation
Categories in the Article Navigation

Site owners may choose to organize their site's articles into categories associated with their site. The categories currently available are listed to the right. If your site has categories, they will appear in alphabetical order in the news section's navigation. Take a look at the listing of articles on the CHSS site, which includes an article categorized as a “Headline” and an article (New Leadership Program) that is uncategorized.

News Site Navigation

If you have categories associated with your site, you may choose one category for each article or leave the category blank. Categorized articles will appear on the list page for their selected category. All articles, including uncategorized articles, will appear on the "All News" list page. This functionality replaces the multiple New Brief groupings which previously served as categorization. Unlike the News Brief approach, any article—even full or marquee articles—may be categorized.

You may also associate a category with a page. The effect of this depends on what template the page is using, but in general the page will display the most recent one or more articles in that category. Editors can set the article limit for a given page. This gives you the option of set-and-forget pages which always display the most recent article or articles relevant to that page.

If you wish to learn how these categories can highlight and organize your news, and change the categories that are available on your site, please contact the CHSSWeb team.