Featuring Articles to Homepage

In order for an article to appear on your homepage, the article must be "Featured". If it is a "full" article, it must be one of the eight most recent full articles that have been "Featured". 

Follow these steps to feature an article to your homepage.

  1. From the Dashboard, in the left-hand navigation click on "Articles".
  2. In the list of articles on your site, find the article you want to feature to your homepage.
    If your site has a long list of articles, either use the "Filter" tool above the list, or click on field title at the top of the list to sort them, or search for the article by name.
  3. Once you've found the article, click on the teal "Connect" icon on the far right of the title of the article.
  4. Select "Featured" in the checkbox for your site(s).
  5. Save Changes. 

The article should now appear on your homepage.