Adding a New Article

Before you Begin

  • Decide what kind of article you are going to add.
  • Find an thumbnail image if it is a "Full" article. If you don't add a thumbnail to a "Full" article, the image that displays is the default image for the college.
  • Craft a title. Make the title informative and interesting. Think of a newspaper headline. Use title case.
  • Write a Short Description/Article Excerpt. It should be 1-2 sentences. Keep the sentences short and punchy.

Follow these Steps to Add an Article

From the Dashboard

  1. In the left navigation, click on "Articles".
  2. Once the list page of articles loads, click the button "Create New" on the right-hand side.
  3. In the "Basic Content" window, select the "Kind" and choose "Special".
  4. From the dropdown menu "Kind", choose the kind of news article you want to add.
  5. Optional: If your site has article categories you can add this article to the relevant category or leave the category blank.
  6. Add a title for the article. Use sentence capitalization.
  7. Add a short description in the "Article Excerpt". If this is a "full" article, this excerpt will appear on the home page. It will also appear on the "News" list page for other types of articles as well.
  8. Optional: Add a longer article to the "Main Content" box. Adding content to this box creates a full page for the news article. This is called the article "show page".
  9. In the upper right "Publishing Controls" box, select "Published".
  10. Save.
  11. Check the article on the news list page of your site and also on the show page, if there is a show page for the article.

You may edit an existing article by locating it in the list of articles that appears. Click on the pencil icon to make changes to the article. The "History" section in the upper right corner of the EDIT ARTICLE view indicates how many previous versions of the article have been made, and gives you the name of the person who created the most recent version. You may also scroll through previous versions and work from one of them.

Adding a URL to an Article

You can add a URL to any article to link to more information.

  • Example: If the story is about a conference, you can add a link to the sponsoring organization.
  • Example: If the story is about a publication, you can link to the publisher.

The addition of a URL works differently for articles which have only "Short Descriptions" and articles which also have "Main Content."

Articles with Only Short Descriptions

If the article has only a short description (see #6 above), the image is a link to the URL. The short description on the list page ends with the text "Read More >>" -- also linked to the URL.

Articles with Main Content

If the "Main Content" area has some content and, therefore, the article has a show page, the showpage will have a right sidebar with the heading "For More Information" with the URL under it. If you filled out the "URL Description" box with a description, that description will appear in the "For More Information" sidebar. If you did not, the URL itself will appear in the sidebar.

Adding an Image for a "Full" News Articles

If you want to add an image to a "Full" news article, view Attaching Images to Articles.

Scheduling an Article

Articles can be scheduled for future publication. Under "Publishing Controls", select "Scheduled" in the "State" field. A field will appear where you can enter the date that the article will be published. Upon entering a date and clicking save, the article will be scheduled for publication. Scheduled articles are published and featured the morning of their scheduled date. An email will be sent to the site contact informing them when a scheduled article on their site has been published.