Use the CHSSWeb URL Shortener when you have a URL which is too long or when you want to add tracking information to the URL without distracting your users.

To add a shortened URL, from the dashboard click on "URL Shortener" in the top navigation. This will take you to the URL Shortener list page. On this page you can view and edit existing shortened URLs.

Click the "Add A New Shortener" link on the left-hand side of the page. This will take you to the URL Shortener edit page.

Paste your long URL into the "Original URL" field. You can now save it and use the shortened URL the system generates for you. In the example shown here, your resulting URL would be to.gmu.edu/Pt3D4M.

However, you may want to override that by adding something to the "Custom name" field. Use something that is short and memorable. Try not to use abbreviations.

You may now save your shortened URL. Once you save it, it is available for use.

If you wish to use the URL in a Google Analytics Custom Campaign, complete the Campaign, Source, and Medium fields. When you save, the shortened URL will redirect to your original URL with the Google Campaign variables added and formatted correctly.