Article Application (News)

Article Application (News)

The CHSSWeb Article Application allows editors to:

  • Add a new news article.
  • Edit an existing news article.
  • Assign an article to a category.
  • Curate the categories which appear in their site's news section.
  • Determine where the news article appears on the website.
  • Associate existing news articles with their website.

Note that there are different kinds of articles, each with different features. See the next tab "Kinds of Articles" for more information.

Articles on Your Website

Articles can appear in four different places on a website.

  • List Page: The News List Page displays all news articles associated with the site in reverse chronological order. The listing for each article includes "Title;" "Article Excerpt", and an image (a Thumbnail image or icon for "News Brief").
  • Article Show Page: If content is entered in the "Main Content" field, there will be a Show Page for the article.
  • The Homepage: If an article is coded to be "Featured", the article will appear on the homepage. The homepage is set to show up to seven marquee "Special" articles, up to eight "Full" articles, and up to twelve "Newsbrief" articles.