Deleting a Profile

There are several ways to prevent a profile from showing up on your academic program pages. Deleting the profile -- removing it from the system -- is the most drastic. Delete a profile only if you are absolutely sure that you will never want to use it again.

Consider two less dramatic actions you can take to block a profile from showing up.

Move a Profile to Draft

If the profile is in Draft mode and not Published, it will not appear on any website. Follow these steps to move a profile to draft.

If you are not already in the Edit Profile window, find the profile:

  1. Click on Profiles, under Academics, in the left navigation bar.
  2. In the Search Profiles box, type in the last name and click on Go.
  3. Review Search Results to find the profile.
  4. Click on the name of the person whose profile you want to edit.
  5. In the Edit Profile window, in the Publishing Controls box on the right, in the first drop down menu choose Draft.
  6. Save.

Move Status to Pending

Profiles are associated with one or more academic programs. There are four status options for each program. If the status is Pending, Draft, or Inactive, the profile will not appear on Meet a Student and Meet an Alum pages. Follow these steps to change the status.

If you are not already in the Edit Profile window, find the profile following the steps above.

In the Edit Profile window, click on the bar Associated Programs. For each program, change status from Student or Alum to Pending or Draft. Save.

To completely suppress the profile, the status has to be changed for each of the programs associated with the profile.

Profiles that are in a Published state will still be available for display on page templates regardless of their status. To suppress them completely, move their state to draft, as described above.

Delete a Profile

If you wish to delete a profile, send a note to the CHSSWeb team with the student or alum's name and email.