How Are Programs Displayed?

Programs are site connectible, and subject to the same rules as other site connectible items. They can appear on multiple sites in multiple forms and are only editable by the editors of their primary site.

Programs may appear on list pages, which will display all programs associated with a site or only the graduate or undergraduate portion of programs. List pages always start with the highest degree then work downwards. When several programs have the same level, list pages are alphabetized by program's name.

All CHSS programs will also appear on the program pages on the CHSS site. These pages sort and group programs in various ways and provide links to each degree's brochure on its primary site. Some of these pages also use the program titles to display directors and other program contacts.

List pages display each program's name and its short summary. Clicking on the program name will take you to the program show page: the brochure, as it were.

We modeled our display of individual programs on the print brochures which used to be ubiquitous and which some programs still produce. Program brochures have many optional parts, including promotional text, the catalog information about the program, admissions information for graduate programs profiles, of students and alumni, and more.

These optional parts are controlled by the site which owns the program. They cannot be added automatically, so please take the time to review each program and use all of the pieces.