Nightly Import

Nightly Import

Each night, the system accesses an export from Banner and uses that export to add people to the CHSSWeb system, associate people with sites, and update a limited portion of the information associated with people.

The export contains faculty and staff who are currently being paid by the university. It also tells us from which account or accounts (org codes) each person is paid. We use that payment information to determine which people to import and which people to associate with which sites.

On the dashboard, near the bottom of the left-hand column, you will see a section labeled "Banner Imports." This section contains instructions duplicting some of the information you are now reading. It also lists the accounts, if any, that are associated with your site.

For instance, the attached image shows the settings on the English department site. Two accounts are listed: English Instruction and English Summer. People who are paid from those accounts will be imported.

When Are They Imported?

The Banner feed is provided to us by ITU with the permission of Human Resources. People show up in the feed a few days after they are first listed as being paid by the university. They do not show up when they are first hired. Usually they show up in our feed around the time classes start. We do not have control over the feed and cannot make them show up earlier. If you have an urgent need to add an individual before they appear in the feed, please follow the instructions for adding a person.