Associating People with a Site

People in the CHSSWeb system can be associated with one site or many sites. Changes to the person's information on one site will affect their bio on all sites.

To associate an existing person with your site.

From the Dashboard

  1. In the left navigation, click on "People".
  2. In the "Search People" box, type the last name of the person and click "Go." (If you don't find that person, it may mean they are not in CHSSWeb. See "Adding People to CHSSWeb".)
  3. Click on the person's name to get to the "Person" window.
  4. In the "Associate with Sites" box on the right, click on "Manage Connections".
  5. In the list of sites, check the box by your website and scroll to the bottom of the box.
  6. Save.
  7. Check the List Page for the People Application on your website.

If you want to associate with your site a person who is not in CHSSWeb, see the webpage "Adding People to CHSSWeb".

You cannot edit the bio of someone just associated with your site. You can only edit a bio if that person's originating site is your website. If you need to change the originating site for someone so you can edit them, contact us.