Originating Site

You can only edit a person's bio if you have editing rights on that person's "originating site" -- the website of his/her home administrative unit.

The originating site appears in the "Person" window for the person's bio.

The originating site can only be changed by CHSSWeb. Contact us if you need to change an originating site.

Changing the Originating Site (Requires Admin Privileges)

From the Dashboard

  1. From the left navigation, click on People.
  2. Find and view the person by searching or filtering the list of people.
  3. Click on the person's name to get to the "Person" window and view the bio information.
  4. You should see the dropdown menu for "Originating Site".
  5. If the person is already associated with the site that should be the originating site, first remove them from that site:
    1. In the "Associate Sites" box on the right, click "Manage Connections".
    2. In the list of sites, unclick the site that you want to make the originating site.
    3. Scroll down and Save.
  6. Change the originating site using the drop down menu and choosing the new originating site.
  7. Scroll down and Save.
  8. If the person should be still be associated with their former originating site, add them to the site using "Manage Connections" in the "Associate Sites" box on the right.