Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Assistants

Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Assistants

CHSSWeb provides a number of ways to sort the people affliated with a website. Using tabs at the top of the list page, viewers can sort the people on the list page so they see all people, all faculty, all full-time faculty, and so on. (Click on image to left to see example.) For the sort to work correctly, the categories in each person's bio need to be set correctly.


In the Edit Person window, Banner Information box, there are five settings that affect how people appear in different sort options. Two of these are updated each night from Banner data. The other three are imported from Banner initially but are not updated by subsequent data imports and can be changed by any user who can edit the person's bio.

Updated each night from Banner data:

  • Faculty Rank
  • Tenure Status
  • Appointment (instructional, research, administrative, emeritus)

Imported from Banner when the person is first imported, but maintained by editors of the site:

  • Publishing Controls (published, draft)
  • Classification (faculty, staff, graduate assistants, fellows)
  • Job Status (full time, part time)

How the Settings Change Where People Appear

Together, the settings determine whether the person's bio appears on a particular sort within the People Application.

The publishing controls determine whether a person appears on any of the sites with which they are associated. To appear on one or more sites within the system, a person must have a status of "published." People with a status of "draft" do not appear on any sites, though they will still appear in the dashboard.

The following table describes the effect of the settings on the sorting options. The leftmost column contains the sort names. The other columns describe the settings. For instance, a person with a Classification of faculty, an Appointment of instructional, a Job Status of full-time and a Tenure Status of tenure track will appear on the All People sort, the All Faculty sort, the Full-time Faculty sort and the Tenure-line Faculty sort. 

Publishing Controls Classification Appointment Job Status Tenure Status Faculty Rank
All People Published Any (except Graduate Students) Any Any  Any Any
All Faculty Published Faculty

Instructional, Research or Emeritus

Any Any Any
Full-time Faculty Published Faculty Instructional or Research Full-time Any Any 
Tenure-line Faculty Published Faculty Instructional or Research Any Tenure Track or Granted Tenure Any
Part-time Faculty Published  Faculty Instructional or Research Part-time Any Any
Emeritus Faculty Published  Faculty Emeritus Any Any Any
Postdoctoral Fellows Published  Faculty Any Any Any Postdoctoral Fellow
Affiliate Faculty* Published  Faculty Instructional or Research Any Any Affiliate 
Research Faculty Published  Faculty Research Any Any Any
All Staff Published Staff or Faculty with Administrative Appointment Any if Staff or Administrative if Faculty Any Any Any
Graduate Assistants Published Graduate Assistants Any Any Any Any

* Faculty with teaching, research, service, or administrative assignments who are not employed by the University may be designated with the honorific title of Affiliate Faculty. (from the Mason Faculty Handbook)