Graduate Students

People with the classification "Graduate Students" do not appear within the People application, though they are managed and edited in the same manner as all faculty and staff members, with one exception: graduate students must typically be manually created since Banner only sends us information on graduate students who are paid for their Graduate Assistant or Research Assistant roles.

To list graduate students on your site, create a page using the bio_list_program template. Under template configuration, enter the catalog code for the program in the "program codes" field. For instance, la-mfa-cw is the code for the MFA in Creative Writing. If you are uncertain, browse to the program on your site and look at the URL. The program code will appear in the URL after "/programs/" as in

Once you have created that page, assign the relevant People the "Graduate Students" classification and set their program to the relevant program. The program field appears directly after the classification field. If you have Graduate Assistants who are in the program, set their program accordingly but do not change their classification.

This page will list all published bios with classifications of with Graduate Students or Graduate Assistants and with their program set to the program associated with the page. Graduate Assistants will continue to appear within the standard categorization pages of the People application.

If you are uncertain why a student is not appearing on the page, follow this checklist:

Page Settings

  • Template is set to "bio_list_program"
  • Program Codes is set to the relevant program's program code
  • Page is published

Person Settings

  • Published
  • Associated with the site
  • Has a classification of "Graduate Students" or "Graduate Assistants"
  • Program is set to the correct program code.