Applications in CHSSWeb

In CHSSWeb, there are applications for many kinds of information.

  • Articles (news, news briefs, featured articles, special articles) (/articles)
  • Courses and Sections (/courses)
  • Events (/events)
  • People (faculty and staff) (/people)
  • Programs (degrees, minors, certificate: degree requirements, application requirements, director and contact) (/programs)
  • Resources
  • Dissertation Defenses (/defenses)
  • Student Awards (/awards)

You can view the information in the application if you type the URL of your site followed by the URL for the Application. For instance:

  • English news:
  • Communication faculty and staff:
  • Economics academic programs:
  • History and Art History courses and sections: historyarthistory/
  • Psychology defenses:
  • Sociology and Anthropology awards:

The information displayed by the application doesn't reside on static webpages. That is why - from  the Dashboard "Pages" view - you don't see web pages that you can edit. The information that appears on your website from these applications is added through the Application. You access the applications from the Dashboard using the links in the left or top navigation.

People with editing rights to the website can edit information in all the applications except Programs (degrees, minors, certificates). The Programs Application contains official degree requirements from the University Catalog and official Application Requirements (for graduate programs). This information is updated once a year by the college dean's office staff.

Resource Application

The Resource Application is used to manage resources available on your website. Resources are external links, documents, and other pages in CHSSWeb. This application differs from the others in that it has no single URL.

URLs Are Reserved for the Applications

The URLs for the applications are reserved for the application. They can't be used for anything else. When creating sections and pages, you should avoid the names and URLs of the applications. For instance, don't name a page or a section "Events" or "People" or "Courses" because those URLs are already taken by the applications of those names and the URL can't be used more than once.

Here are the proscribed names of pages or sections and corresponding /URLs"

  • Articles /articles
  • Awards /awards
  • Courses /courses
  • Defenses /defenses
  • Events /events
  • People /people
  • Programs /programs