Preparing for Fall Semester

Preparing for Fall Semester

Fall semester is fast approaching. Here are a few tips for preparing your site for the new year.

Read Our Spring and Fall Maintenance Tips

We provide advice for Spring and Fall maintenance on the CHSSWeb help site.

Prepare for New Faculty Hires

We are receiving many requests for adding new faculty and staff to the system. Banner releases information about new hires to us soon after they are first paid. If you are able to wait, the system will add new faculty and staff at that time. If you need to add a new person before they are imported, please send us an email with their key information.  Please see the instructions on the CHSSWeb Help site.

Let Faculty Know They Control Their Bios

Please remind faculty members that they can edit their own bios, edit the descriptions of the course sections they are teaching, and upload syllabi for those sections.

Use Your Course Sections Fully

Remember that site administrators and individual faculty members can edit course section titles and descriptions, upload syllabi, and even add an image to each of your course sections. See the help site for instructions.