Logging In

Log in using your standard Mason username and password.

Follow these steps to log in to CHSSWeb.

  1. In the browser's address field, type your website's URL plus /admin.
    • For example: economics.gmu.edu/admin; mcl.gmu.edu/admin
  2. Use your Mason email ID as your login and type in your Mason password.
  3. As an extra security layer, you will be directed to a Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) page where you will have to verify your credentials. 
  4. After the verification, you will see the Dashboard and can begin editing.

Note: The Chssweb team will never ask you for your mason password. To add users into the system, we only need the Mason netid. If you receive an email asking for your Mason password, contact ITS immediately. This may be a phishing email attempt.