What Are Pages and Sections?

When browsing the web, it is common to refer to any destination you reach as a "page" or a "web page." That is not what the word "page" means in the CHSSWeb system.

In the CHSSWeb system, a page is a destination containing content. It has at least a name, main content and a permalink. It can contain any kind of content an editor wishes it to contain. There are many types of content within the system besides pages, including articles, events, people, and so forth. Each of these is heavily structured to reflect the type of content it is supposed to contain. People have first and last names, titles, lists of publications, and many other fields. Events have start and end times, locations, and much more. Pages are generic and may be used in many, many ways.

Pages may be organized into sections. Sections do not have any content of their own but they do affect the URL and they can affect the navigation. Think of sections as folders. An empty folder is nothing. A drawer full of folders of pages, carefully organized, is a filing system.