Introducing Article Categories

Introducing Article Categories

CHSSWeb editors can now choose categories for their site and assign their site's articles to those categories. Site categories appear in the left-hand navigation of the site's news section and in the drop-down of the navigation item that links to the news section. Editors may also assign a category to a page to pull recent articles in that category onto that page.

Prior to this change, articles could be type "full" or they could be one of several news brief types such as "headlines," and "faculty afoot." This list was pre-determined and could not be edited. If you associated a single "faculty afoot" article with your site, "faculty afoot" would appear in your news section's navigation. The news section's navigation also included "Full article," a term which meant absolutely nothing to visitors to the site. That no longer appears in the navigation.

These news brief article types have been replaced by categories. Your site currently displays the categories which would've appeared in your news section's navigation before we made this change. If you had only headlines and faculty afoot, those are the categories available on your site. If you used none of the news brief types, you have no categories on your site.

Editors may also choose to associate a category with a page. The effect of this depends on what template the page is using, but in general the page will display the most recent one or more articles in that category. Editors can set the article limit for a given page. This gives you the option of set-and-forget pages which always display the most recent article or articles relevant to that page.

Please contact the CHSSWeb team if you would like more information or if you would like to change the categories which are assigned to your site.