How to Curate Events on Your Site

How to Curate Events on Your Site
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Why do you put events on your site? To promote the event, yes, but also to show visitors to the site that yours is an active, vital organization. You are promoting the event, but you are also promoting your department, program, or center. So keep your events section up to date and take the time to curate how your events appear on your home page.

So, what are the rules? Why do events appear or not appear on your home page? They appear on your home page if they are:

  • published
  • and upcoming (or currently happening)
  • and marked as "On Home" or "Featured on Home"
  • and not pushed off the page by a more imminent event

There are two event areas in the current design: a list of events near the bottom of the page and a single, featured event which appears in a mosaic area alongside three featured articles. This event is always the next upcoming event that matches the above rules and is marked as "Featured on Home." This featured event occupies prime real estate on your home page. It is large, bright, and loud. It should always display the upcoming event that is most important to you.

To review your upcoming events and how they are featured:

  • If you manage multiple sites, choose the relevant site using the "active site" select box at the top of the left-hand admin navigation below your user image
  • In the left-hand navigation of the admin tools, click Events
  • In the filter box at the top of the page:
    • limit to upcoming events
    • with a state of published
    • on your site (do not click the originating site button)
    • click the Filter List button
  • Once the page reloads, click the header for the Dates and Times column to sort your events in ascending order

You can now use the Dates and Times column and the On Site and Home Featured columns to review how upcoming events will appear on your site and on your home page.

As you can see in the example below, as I write this article the CHSS site is featuring the 9/11 service event. It will do so until the event ends at 3pm, after which it will display the Global Affairs Info session. At 8:30 tonight, it will switch to displaying the September 16 event. The next two events are on the site but not featured to the home, so after 5:30pm on September 16, the featured event will be the Kim Bok Dong film screening.

Each of the featured events will also appear on the longer event list at the bottom of the page, as will the two that are on the site but note featured. Each time an event ages off the list, a new event will appear at the end of the list.

These rules are the same for every site. You have control. Please take the time to post events to your site and to curate their appearance on the home page.

As always, if you have questions, please contact the CHSSWeb Team.

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