Introducing the Analytics Dashboard

Introducing the Analytics Dashboard

CHSSWeb editors can now access analytics for their sites directly in CHSSWeb. Each site has an Analytics Dashboard which displays key metrics using information pulled from that site's Google Analytics data.

Editors can access this new feature by clicking on the "Your site has been visited" box available on the main admin dashboard or by clicking the "Analytics" link in the admin navigation. Information presented on the analytics dashboard is from the previous 7 day period. Currently, editors can view the following metrics:

  • Number of visits (sessions) to the site
  • Average time spent on the site
  • Average number of pages viewed per session
  • Number of visits (sessions) from desktop devices
  • Number of visits (sessions) from mobile devices
  • Average bounce rate for the site
  • Listing of the top 15 pages by number of page views
  • Listing of the top 5 visitor locations
  • Listing of the top 15 traffic drivers
  • Chart showing social media referrals to the site

The analytics dashboard joins the existing methods for accessing analytics: periodic analytics emails and accessing data directly on the Google Analytics platform. Analytics emails allow editors to receive weekly or monthly emails with an overview of key metrics. Accessing Google Analytics directly allows editors to explore the full set of analytics data for their site.

We hope that this feature will make it easier for editors to explore and learn from their site's analytics. Please check out our additional resources for working with your analytics and, as always, please contact the CHSSWeb Team with any questions.