Editing Course and Section Information

The information presented by the Courses and Sections Application is edited in two different ways depending on the kind of information.

Course Information

The course title, number, credits, prerequisite, notes, and description come from the University Catalog. This information can only be changed through the curriculum revision process. Contact the Curriculum Coordinator for your department. Once the catalog has been published, the college will update this information to reflect the published catalog changes.

Section Information from PatriotWeb

Much of the section-specific information comes directly from PatriotWeb. This includes the section number, instructor, day/time, room. If this information is incorrect, it needs to be updated in PatriotWeb. Contact the Scheduling Coordinator for your deparment. Once PatriotWeb has been updated the website information will also be updated. PatriotWeb section information is imported into CHSSWeb nightly and will updated on the website the following day.

If sections are added or deleted, the need to be added or deleted to PatriotWeb first. The website will show the update the following day.

Section-specific Descriptions and Syllabi

Local editors can add or edit section-specific descriptions and upload syllabi for each scheduled section each semester.

They can also spell out the title for a section if abbreviations were used to meet the 30-character limit in PatriotWeb. See "Editing Section Information" to the right.