Interdisciplinary Programs

Interdisciplinary programs generally need to display courses selected from various courses codes across the college—indeed, across the university. The course and course section applications can also handle this scenario. If you have no course codes associated with your site, the course and course section pages display all courses associated with your site.

This does not work for interdisciplinary sites which need to display individual sections rather than all sections of a course. If you need to do that, please contact the CHSSWeb team.

Managing Course Associations

You may add or remove individual courses from your site if you have edit rights to that course's course code. Click on Academics in the admin navigation bar, then click on courses. Locate your course, edit it, and use the "connect" button to associate it with your site.

If you do not have editing access to some of your courses, send the CHSSWeb team a list and we will add or remove the courses as requested.

If your program includes courses from outside the college, contact the CHSSWeb team. They will add tge relevant courses and help you set up a custom course page.