Contact Us Page

All websites have a page that gives contact information. It is the "Contact Us" page.

Naming Convention

Name:  Contact Us
URL: /contact

Contact-List Template

We recommend that editors use the contact_list template for the "Contact Us" page. If the unit has added titles to administrators using the "Titles" link from the left navigation, the contact_list template displays all the administrators with their titles. It provides a link from the administrators' names to their bios.

Best Practices for Contact Information and the "Contact Us" Page

  1. It's a best practice not to repeat contact information on multiple static webpages on your site (e.g., the office phone, generic email, or building and room number, etc.). Similarly, it is best not to include on various static pages the phone numbers or emails of specific people, such as the director of x program or the undergraduate coordinator. This is because when contact information is added to numbers of static pages, it becomes a challenge to keep them updated as phone numbers change, units move to a different building, staff turns over, and people rotate in and out of administrative roles.
  2. We recommend that whenever you want to provide contact information on a static page, provide a hyperlink to the "Contact Us" page (URL /contact).
  3. Make sure the "Contact Us" page includes all the people and titles that users of various parts of your site need. As contact information changes, it needs to be updated only once - on the "Contact Us" page.
  4. Following this best practice will ensure that your pages have up-to-date contact information with minimal maintenance on anyone's part.