Naming a Section

Section names should be short, one or two words if possible. Avoid abbreviations and acronyms. Think of how the name will appear to viewers.

Capitalize the names of sections; they will appear in URL without cap. If the section name is more than one word, a dash will appear in the URL between the words.

Names Not to Use

There are a few names that you should not use for sections. These names (and corresponding URLs) are reserved for the major applications in CHSSWeb.

  • Awards: reserved for the Awards Application /awards
  • Articles: reserved for the Articles Application /articles
  • Courses: reserved for the Courses and Sections Application /courses
  • Defenses: reserved for the Defenses Application /defenses
  • Events: reserved for the Events Application /events
  • People: reserved for the People (Faculty and Staff) Application /people
  • Programs: reserved for the academic Programs Application /programs

Renaming a Section

Follow these steps to edit the "Name" of an existing section. When you change the name, the URL will also change.

From the Dashboard

  1. Click on "Pages" in the left navigation.
  2. Find the section you want to rename and click "Edit".
  3. In the "Basic Information" box, edit the name (use sentence capitalization).
  4. Save.

You are returned to the "Pages" view with a blue popup at the top of the page confirming that the section was successfully updated. Check your work.