Current Students

The "current_students" template displays all active student profiles associated with a particular academic program. It consists of a list page which displays for each profile:

  • A photo (or the default placeholder if you do not upload a photo).
  • The student's name
  • An optional short text

Each profile follows linking rules similar to those followed by Articles, Events and other CHSSWeb content types:

  • If the profile has no main content and no URL, it does not link anywhere.
  • If the profile has no main content but has a URL, it links to that URL.
  • If the profile has main content, it links to a show page which displays details about the profile.

The "current_students_basic" template works the same way but does not display photos on the list page.

Page Setup

To set up a student listing page:

  1. Create a new page. This can be on its own or in a section. In addition to displaying the profiles it will have the other standard page functions such as subnavigation, text area, additional text area, etc.
  2. Set its template to "current_students"
  3. Set its status to "published"
  4. In the right-hand column, near the bottom, put the program's code into the "Program" field. For instance, the code for the MA in Criminology, Law and Society is LA-MA-CLS
  5. Save

The page will display all published profiles associated with the program you entered and listed on that asssociation as students.

Associating Profiles

This is covered in detail in the Manage Profiles documentation.

Differences from Meet a Student

The Meet a Student feature is designed to list a small number of exemplary students for promotional purposes. The student list pages are designed to list all students in a given program. There are a few key differences between profiles displayed in this context and on the Meet a Student and Meet an Alum pages:

  • The student list pages do not use the three bullets. Those are just for the Student/Alum listings on the program pages.
  • The student list pages display the optional Research Interests field. This is not used for Student/Alum listings.
  • The Meet a Student list and show pages display the estimated graduation date. The student list pages do not.