Bios, Titles, Contact Pages


  1. Introductions and Overview of Session
  2. The People Application
    • Overview of the application: what it holds and how it displays
    • List page
      • Information on list page
      • Sorting on the list page
      • Contact information and office hours
    • Show page
      • Possible fields on show pages
      • Automatic links on show pages: administrative titles, other affiliations, sections scheduled
    • Choosing the default display view
  3. Associating and Removing People from a Web Site
  4. Editing Bios
    • Basic steps to edit bios
    • Attaching an image to a bio
    • Best practices for bios
  5. Titles
    • Associating people with administrative titles
    • Where administrative titles appear
    • Associating people with academic programs
    • Where academic program titles appear
    • Custom titles
  6. Contact Pages
    • Using static contact pages versus contact page template
    • Need your input: What information about unit administrators should appear on contact pages?
    • Best practices for contact pages and for including contact information on webpages