Google Analytics Users Group


What is Google Analytics?
Provide a brief overview of Google Analytics. Talk about what it can do and what its limitations are. Discuss what it can be useful for, particularly in our realm. Provide the disclaimer that data can be interpreted in different ways and have varying degrees of relevance based on specific content. Use bounce rate as an example.

Google Analytics at Mason
Talk about the analytics structure at Mason. Provide a link to the Mason Digital Analytics site. Describe our setup here at CHSS and what we provide for each site. Talk about the CHSS Rollup account and what data we track. Discuss the purpose of these CHSS Analytics User Groups. Discuss the resources available within CHSS for specific marketing initiatives or campaigns that might require special tracking.

Accessing Your Analytics
Explain how to access analytics for an individual site. Refer to our help documentation. Explain how to receive an email Dashboard each week.

Looking at the Dashboard and main reports
Navigate through the main reports, showing some of the key types of data, segments and filtered views for a site. Pull up the Dashboard for a site and walk through each item.

Demonstration - Importing a Custom Segment
Use the On-Campus and Off-Campus segments as an example. Take folks through how to import the segments to their account, how to switch between segments and how to show multiple segments.

End with Questions and Open Discussion