Academic Programs and Profiles


  1. Introductions and Overview
  2. Academic Programs: Public-facing Side
    • Definitions
    • Degree List Page
    • Academic Program Page: Top tabs and Righthand Sidebar
    • Program Page on Multiple Sites (college, department, program websites)
  3. Editing Academic Program Pages: The Programs Application
    • Basic information
    • Contact Information
    • Short summary on Degree List Page
    • Promotional Information (the Overview Page)
  4. Featuring Students and Alumni on the Program Pages: The Profiles Application
    • List Page and Show Page
    • Highlights for the List Page (bullets)
    • Image
    • Full Text for the Show Page (optional)
    • Associated Programs and States
  5. Developing a Maintenance Plan for Programs and Profiles
  6. Editing the Degree List Page (time permitting)
    • Top Text Area
    • Righthand Sidebar
    • Resource Groups