Associate Issue Content

One of the big strengths of the newsletter tool is that it allows you to use CHSSWeb articles and events to build your issues.

From the newsletter issue show page, click on the Find and Add Content button.

The find and add content button

This will open a search window. Enter a search term and press the submit button. If the search finds any articles or events that match your search term, it will display those below the input form.

Content search form

To add an item, choose the zone to which you want to add it, then click the add button.

Add the content to a zone

In that example, I added an article, but I added it to the wrong zone. Oops. To move an item, I either click on the edit button by the item and change the zone, or, if there are already items in the destination zone, click on the item I want to move then drag it to its new location. Dragging also works for reordering items within a zone.

Articles and events will display information appropriate to their content type. For instance, events will display the relevant dates. Associated content will link out from the newsletter to the article or event's destination, following the same rules that apply to events and articles on the sites. When an item has a show page, the newsletter will link to that show page on the item's originating site.

Repeat this for the other items you wish to add and your newsletter will be ready to send.

Populated newsletter