Create and Edit a Newsletter

To create a new newsletter, click on Newsletters in the left-hand navigation of the CHSSWeb tools, then click on All Newsletters. Click the "Create New" button.

Create new newsletter button.


Fill out the fields on the Newsletter creation and editing form:

  • Title. The title of your newsletter.
  • Default layout. The layout that your newsletter issues will use by default. You can change this for any given issue.
  • Default date display. This controls whether your issues default to showing the full date or just the month and year. Use month and year if you plan to publish monthly. Otherwise, use full date. Again, you can override this for any given issue.
  • Testing email. The default email address to which you will send test emails.
  • Distribution email. The email address to which you will send your newsletter when you publish it. This will generally be a listserv address. You may enter multiple addresses here, separated by commas.
  • From email. The address from which the newsletter will appear to come.
  • Description. This is a description of your email that will display in the tools and on the public-facing newsletter list page of your site.
  • Attach a header image. This allows you to upload an optional header image. Its use will vary by design, but it will generally be the header of your newsletter.
  • Zone titles. These will be the default titles for the zones in your newsletter issues. They can be changed for any given newsletter.

Once you are done, click the save button. You will be taken to the newsletter show page for your new newsletter. From there, you can edit the newsletter you just created or start a new issue of that newsletter.

Newsletter Show Page