Test and Send an Issue

On the right-hand side of the newsletter issue show page, you will see a formfield and a button for sending test emails of your newsletter and a button for publishing your issue and sending it to its actual distribution list.

The send a test form is populated by default with the test email you chose when you created the newsletter. To send it to that address, simply click the button. When you do so, the system will send the newsletter and it will add a note below the form indicating that a test was sent.

In this example, I have sent three tests.

Test and send interface

When you are ready to send, simply click the publish and send button. It will ask you to confirm, then send your issue to the address or addresses you specified when you created your newsletter.

The system is not designed to manage mailing lists. Other systems exist that do that and do it well. We recommend you use the Listserv service offered by ITS. If the listservs to not match your needs, please talk with the CHSSWeb team.