View Published Issues On Your Site

Once you publish your first issue, your newsletter and that issue will appear on your site. To find them, add "/newsletters" to your site's url or click the preview button on the issue show page in the tools.

Newsletter display on your site consists of these pieces:

  • Newsletter list page. This displays the title and description for each newsletter on your site. Each title links to the issue list page.
  • Newsletter issue list page. This displays the title and description for a specific newsletter and a list of that newsletter's issues. The URL includes the ID of the newsletter ('/newsletters/2').
  • General issue redirect page. This is somewhat tricky. Because looking at a list of newsletter issues isn't all that interesting or helpful, this url ('/newsletter_issues') redirects to the show page for the most recent newsletter issue on your site. If you have only one newsletter on your site, and you wish to link to that newsletter's latest issue from somewhere on your site—the navigation, a page, an article, etc.—you will want to link to this page.
  • A specific newsletter's issue redirect page. This works like the general list page but redirects to the show page of a specific newsletter's most recent issue. Its url includes the newsletter's ID: '/newsletters/2/newsletter_issues' (where 1 is changed to the ID of your newsletter). You can use this for creating links that always go to a specific newsletter's latest issue when you have multiple newsletters on your site.
  • The newsletter issue show page. This shows a specific newsletter issue in a manner which reflects the design you chose for the issue.
  • Navigation. For all of these pages, the visitor will see navigation which adapts to your site's newsletter situation and allows the visitor to view different newsletters and the current and back issues of each newsletter.
  • Newsletter List Page
  • Newsletter Issue Show Page
  • Newsletter navigation with multiple newsletters and issues