Best Practices

General Best Practices

  1. Check your work everywhere the event appears, which can be in up to three places:
    • Event listing page
    • Event show page
    • Homepage (if event is featured to the homepage)
  2. Play with wording of title, subtitle, and short title so they work well on each of these places.
  3. Remember that your audience includes the general public. Do not use abbreviations -- for departments, programs, building names, university offices, or anything else.

Titles, Short Titles, and Subtitles

  1. Construct titles carefully. The "Title" can be descriptive but the "Short Title" should catch the attention of your visitors and give enough clear information to encourage the reader to click to learn more.
  2. Keep the "Short Title" and "Subtitle" short. This is particularly important if the event is "Featured" to your homepage. If the event is featured, the "Short Title" and "Subtitle" appear in the right sidebar of the home page.
  3. Construct titles with all sites in mind. When you come up with "Title" and "Subtitle" for your event, keep in mind the fact that they will appear on the list of "View all Events in the College". If possible, in some way, note the department or program so that will be apparent from the full listing of all events.
  4. Use "Subtitle" for clarification of the title. For a single event the "Title" (Short and Long) might be used to give the actual title of the lecture, film, etc while the "Subtitle" might be used to provide more descriptive information.
    • TItle -- The Economic Crisis
    • Subtitle -- Analysis by Columbia Professor First-Name Last-Name
  5. Use "Subtitle" to name a series. If you have a series of events that you want to be connected, "Title" might be used for the actual title of the specific event while "Subtitle" might be used for the name of the series.
    • Example: Short title -- The Crisis on Wallstreet; Subtitle -- Ecoomics Brown Bag
    • Example: Short title -- Cowen on Wallstreet; Subtitle -- Economics Lecture Series
    • Example: Short title -- The Maltese Falcon; Subtitle -- Bogart Film Series