If you have recurring events, like a graduate orientation each August, you have two options for handling the event. Each year you can create a new event in the Event Application.  Or, you can re-use the same event entry each year: Instead of recreating a new event, you merely update the information each year.

There are at least two reasons for chosing to update an existing event entry. First, you don't have to recreate all the information with relevant links. You only have to change the date and time and location on the existing entry. Second, if there are other sites that your event is affiliated with, sites the event appears on, those affiliations will be maintained if you reuse the previous event entry. They will have to be recreated if you create a new event.

So, for example, if your graduate orientation is relevant to your department but also to several programs that have their own websites, if you reuse the previous event, you won't have to remember to add the relevant affilations each year. They will persist from year to year because you are reusing the same event.

Examples of recurring events (and deadlines) that you might want to update by editing the previous instance:

  • Deadlines for project submission for master's programs. On your event you can include other relevant information such as links to guidelines, format help, etc.
  • Information sessions for prospective students.
  • Annual events in your department such as Polyglot in Modern and Classical Languages.

The dean's office updates a number of recurring events and deadlines for the college and university. In all cases but the first one, these are affiliated with the websites of all academic units. This means that updated information will appear on your website automatically.

  • All major academic calendar dates (e.g. start of fall semester, last day to drop, start of spring semester, etc.) The college updates these every year so you don't have to. If you want to have these events affiliated with your site, contact us.
  • College convocations. These events are affiliated with all academic units.
  • Celebration of scholarship. This event is affiliated with all academic units.
  • Mary Roper Award. The deadline for nominations and the main event listing (the reception) are affiliated with all academic unites. 
  • Undergraduate Research Symposium. The deadline for proposals and the main event listing (the symposium) are affiliated with all academic unites. 

In the resource group below are instructions for managing the recurring events held by the college.