Where Events Appear

An event can appear in potentially 5 or more  places on the website.

  1. Homepage: Alongside other events you’ve added to your homepage.
  2. Homepage: Alongside featured articles in the mosaic if you've marked it as being on the home page AND featured.
  3. Events List Page: All events appear on the website's Event List Page (/events). (You can block it from appearing on List Pages by checking the box "Hide from events section...".
  4. Events Show Page: The event will have its own Show Page if you’ve added some “Main Content” for the event.
  5. Events: On the list of "Upcoming Events Throughout the College" unless you have blocked it from that list).
  6. On other pages in your site depending on their template and settings.

The event will also appear on any other website that associates your event with their site. For example, if Women and Gender Studies has an event featuring faculty from English and Sociology and Anthropology, the Women and Gender Studies event could be associated with those two sites in addition to the Women and Gender Studies website.